This program is an invitation to join us and contribute together to the transformation of the cocoa network.

The goal of this concept is to respond to the consumer’s legitimate aspiration: take pleasure in eating chocolate while feeling confident about the elaboration process.

We invite all of our customers to join us and commit to our program. We’d first like to invite our end consumers to savor their Transparence Cacao products, all while respecting the environment. Next, we’d like to invite our industrial customers and distributors to purchase our products, asking them to go further as well and become an actor in this project. They can choose between making a commitment to alimentary quality, aromatic quality, the planter’s quality of life, and environmental quality.

Our 10 commitments :

tracabilite1. Traceability
Respect all the food safety criteria from the bean to the chocolate

2. Taste
Offer a chocolate responding to aromatic criteria

3. Productivity
Increase the productivity of Cocoa plantations

4. Valorization
Allow the farmer to receive a fair remuneration for his work

5. Professionnalization
Ensure that farmer is able to manage his business and the resulting revenues

6. Responsability
Supporting farmers in the school enrollment of their children

7. Respect
To ensure that our famers and their families have adequate to health, water and housing

8. Planet

  • Respect the biodiversity, preserve the forest
  • Pratice responsible use of pesticides
  • Establish a waste management resulting from cocoa farming

9. Transparence cacao
Provide a vision on Transparence cacao commitments and testimony of its progress

10. Training
Allow partner farmers to acquire the needed skills to meet the commitments of Transparence Cacao

Why make a commitment alongside us ?

  • Transparence Cacao recognized as an actor in the sector for its control of its cocoa network
  • 30 years of experience in ethical sustainable development programs
  • A sincere approach to continuous improvement
  • A sustainable development program with an economic objective: the transformation of rural areas
  • Quality cocoa adapted to your needs
  • Support the cooperatives in assuming a professional role to foster community development
  • To be able to communicate about a product and the actions implemented in the field

How to be committed alongside us ?

  • By purchasing our products which bear the Transparence Cacao logo
  • By purchasing our cocoa beans, semi-finished or finished products
  • By participating in the financing of the program’s implementation (Know and Transform)