Transparence Cacao : What is it ?

Committed to sustainable development programs for over 20 years, a new decisive step in 2015 occured when it launched its own program: Transparence Cacao. In doing so, it wishes to control the entirety of the cocoa network in which it is implicated by managing each step of the transformation process. It aims to promote the sustainable cultivation of cocoa by placing the growers and their organizations at the heart of the action.

This program guarantees the traceability of the cocoa from the bean to the finished chocolate ; ; and control of the production chain from the planter to the consumer. It aspires to respect quality at each stage of production, with the sole goal of offering a unique-tasting chocolate.

Transparence Cacao integrates quality and respect for the environment into cocoa provisioning so as to initiate an approach that generates wealth and transforms rural areas.

We are launching our pilot program in the Ivory Coast. In the Ivory Coast, leading country in cocoa production, the degradation of orchards, deforestation, and disease are rendering the Ivorian landscape and the cocoa value chain fragile at is roots. Therefore, the production of a quality cocoa must be rendered renewable so as to avoid having producers attacking protected forests.

The cocoa network is currently facing multiple challenges: quality, productivity, placing a high enough value on the work that farmer do, ensuring the professional nature of actors’ roles, and respecting the environment.

Our approach is organized around 4 quality pillars which form the foundations of Transparence Cacao:

Food Quality  :picto-tracabilite
We closely follow our cocoa seeds’ journey to becoming chocolate at each step along the way.

picto-aromeAromatic Quality :
A chocolate with subtle and delicate aromas.

picto-planteurFarmer’s Quality of Life :
Chocolate that allows the planter to live off of his or her work in a dignified manner, support his or her family, and to invest in the necessary work tools.

picto-environnementEnvironmental Quality :
A chocolate that contributes to environmental protection efforts.