Our work in transforming the cocoa network is based on a method allowing for the deployment of action plans adapted to each community.

The implementation of the Transparence Cacao program relies on 3 additional steps:

It first involves getting to know the 60,000 planters participating in the program and how they are organized so as to be able to best control the quality of the cocoa that is delivered and identify areas of improvement. Subsequent to identifying these areas of improvement, it will then become possible to implement action plans specific to increasing the professional role of each of these actors. These actions will then be reviewed by outside actors and improved upon based on the results.


Knowing the entirety of the network is knowing all of the actors who participate in the transformation of the cocoa into chocolate. Transparence Cacao is present at each step.

The planter : The cocoa producer manages one or several plantations where (s)he cultivates the cocoa.

The cooperative : Unites a group of producers to ensure the harvesting of the cocoa and the commercialization of their products.

The Cocoa Plant : Transformation of the cocoa beans into cocoa paste

The Chocolate Plant : Transformation of the cocoa paste into chocolate.

The Store : Commercialization of the products.


The objective is to first sensitize the cooperatives and then the planters so that they become real representatives for sustainably producing cocoa and developing the network. Therefore Transparence Cacao implements specific support systems, based on the needs of each entity, so as to improve their effectiveness in terms of management, commercialization, agronomy…

In this way, the program strives above all to support the planters and the cooperatives in increasing their professional role. Increasing the professional role should have a long-term impact on the transformation of the rural areas by allowing the planters and cooperatives to finance their development projects.


Having outside partners verifying the advancement of the project with performance indicators is essential for monitoring the program.