Environmental Quality

Our zero-deforestation commitment

We have a strong methodology to ensure that our chocolate production doesn’t contribute to deforestation:


We select our suppliers with an initial audit and we engage them in our ambition of a more sustainable cocoa supply chain.


We transform the rural areas by developing activities in line with Cocoa Forest Initiatives (CFI) strategy.


We verify our impact on the cocoa farming areas, in order to enhance and adapt our actions plan.

Alexis Assiri,
Head of Sustainability
CÉMOI Côte d’Ivoire.

For an effective fight against deforestation, we have undertaken various actions with ourpartner cooperatives to control our supply network. These results are based on a sample, with the result that 99.9% of the plots is deforestation-free. This confirms the relevance of these actions. Based on these results, a roadmap will be drawn up with the cooperatives and local communities in order to implement an action plan in the areas identified as priorities.

In 2018, we joined the Cocoa & Forest Initiative which is coordinated by the World Cocoa Foundation (WFC) that gathers all the stakeholders around the same objective. We immediately strengthen our commitment by joining the initiative, because we strongly believe that only collaborative actions from both private and public organisations can make the cocoa supply chain more sustainable.

To see our CFI results,

Download our latest CFI report here

Promote agroforestry & reforestation

“Agroforestry, or mixing forest and cocoa trees, restores ecosystems, stabilizes yields and provides alternative sources of income.”  World Cocoa Foundation

We strongly believe that agroforestry is part of the answer to a more sustainable cocoa production. In fact, this model can increase and diversify farmers income, preserve biodiversity and boost carbon storage. We promote agroforestry by training our farmers on the implementation of agroforestry and support them with tools to develop it.

Implementation of nurseries

Implementation of demo plots

Coaching & training on agroforestry

Distribution of tree seedlings

Want to know more about our results on agroforestry? Check out Our impact.

Our dedicated project

In 2017, the « Cacao Ami des Forêts » (CAF) project was initiated by the Transparence Cacao program to address the deforestation challenge in Ivory Coast, and in addition to address the aging of the farms. In collaboration with ‘Le Conseil du Café-Cacao (CCC), Transparence Cacao promotes a sustainable cocoa culture that reconciles environmental preservation and farmers’ quality of life. We have set 3 objectives, which are monitored through indicators followed by an independent NGO; Agronomes et Vétérinaires Sans Frontières (AVSF):

1. Increase the yield from 350 kg/ha (reference average) to 1000 kg/ha for at least 25% of the cocoa farms;
2. Increase the annual net income by 30% for at least 80% of the farmers coached during the project;
3. Trace 100% of the cocoa of the program from the farmers to the customer

Download our latest Cacao Ami Des Forêts Results here

2,720 farmers



of the cocoa farms

have a yield equal or more than 1000 kg/ha
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